10 tips on how to lose weight fast

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Ways of fighting weight gain are many and different people are seeking assistance on how they can lose weight. The increase in body weight is a common problem to many people these days. Due to the type of foods consumed most of which are junkie foods, as well as the lack of proper exercise programs, increase in body weight has become a common problem.

The significant thing is to enlighten yourself on how best you can lose weight.It is important to note that there are different weight loss methods. However, Diet is the chief controller of body weight. Workouts, on the other hand, are important in improving your metabolism.
In today’s article, I am going to show you how you can significantly reduce your appetite, enhance your weight loss free from hunger, and at the same time improve your metabolic health. Weight loss is directly related to the reduction in the amounts of calories.

Here are guidelines on how you can enhance weight loss.

1. Reduce sugars and starches intake

The success of any weight loss program is base on cutting back on sugars and starch i.e. carbohydrates. It is important to note that secretion of insulin which is the main hormone for fat storage is mostly stimulated by these types of foods. What normally happens is that when the carbohydrates are in the body, the focus is on burning these foods whereas fats are contained in fat stores. Concurrently, their contribution to weight gain is hereby enhanced by this.

Then again, when the level of insulin in your body is reduced, the kidneys are able to get rid of the excess water and sodium deposits out of the body. This will reduce bloat as well as unnecessary weight from body water. Research involving a comparison between low-fat and low-carbohydrates diets in overweight women; have shown that, lowering the amounts of carbohydrates ingested into the body reduces appetite. This has been associated with the reduction of insulin levels, which culminates to fewer calories intake habits.

2. Consumption of Proteins, Vegetables, and Fats/lipids

Carbohydrates are the major contributors to weight gain in your body; therefore, ensure that every meal that you take has some vegetables with low-carbohydrates contents, protein source, and fat source. This help in containing carbohydrate intake levels at the appropriate ranges of 20-50 gm per day.

Proteins Sources: Eggs, Meat (Pork, chicken, bacon, fish, etc.), Seafood and Fish (Shrimps, Lobsters, Salmon, trout, etc.)

Significantly, eating plenty of proteins has been proven to improve metabolism by up to 100 calories in one day. Diets that are rich in proteins have been shown to decrease obsessive thought about eating. Moreover, proteins meal makes you fully contented as well as less dependent on carbohydrates. This leads to reduced calories intake per day.

Sources of low-carbohydrate vegetables: Kales, Cabbage, Spinach, Cauliflower, Lettuce, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, Celery, and Cucumber

Fats/Lipids sources: Avocado oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Tallow, sand Butter

3. Weightlifting

Importance of weight lifting is that; you are able to burn a few amounts of calories and at the same time ensure that your metabolism doesn’t slow down. By the way slowing down of metabolism is one of the side effects of weight loss.

4. Running

Similar to jogging, it is a way of burning calories without having to do hard weight lifting workouts. Muscles are exercised considerably helping in the distribution of oxygen. Oxygen is important in muscles to burn fats.

5. Eating of Watermelon.

Due to the amino acid (arginine) present, watermelon provides a boost in weight loss.

6. Swimming

It is a great way of burning calories in your body. It enables you to have a complete body work out.

7. Drinking enough water

Drinking of cold water helps a lot in weight loss. Drinking water is a simple way to reduce calories and as a result, it will help you reduce your body weight. It is advisable you drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Hot water will also help you.

8. Drinking tea or coffee

Because of the antioxidants found in tea as well as coffee, they provide the necessary boost to your metabolism. These two stimulants will help you in burning around 178 calories per day.

9. Eating food rich in fiber

Fiber will raise your fat burn by up to 30% Research finding shows that people who eat enough amount of fiber gain less weight. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber.

10. Consumption of food rich in Iron

Iron is significant in the transportation of oxygen required in by your muscles to burn fat. It is essential to restore the iron stores, failure to which leads to low energy production as well as a poor metabolism.

Iron sources: Spinach, beans, shellfish, lean meat, fortified cereals among others.

There you have it, great weight loss guidelines. Finally, avoid carbohydrates at all costs and you will achieve positive results. Proteins are essential in the weight loss endeavor. Once more, do not forget to do some exercises to ensure your body metabolism is at its best. Stick to these guidelines and you will achieve your weight loss goals.


written by: gikundantiphas