8 Best food countries in Europe

Traditional food

Food is one of the blessings for a human being. Since the beginning of the time, it is the basic need of human as to stay alive. Every country and culture have its own kind of food which makes it the most versatile item of the daily life. People sometimes get addicted to it and those are known as “Food lovers”. In order to enjoy the best meal, one must know the best taste of the food.

Every region of the world whether its Asia or Europe, America or Africa all are known for their own famous cultural foods. Europe countries have their own taste when it comes to the delicious as every country of Europe has its own special delicacy which tourists love to enjoy. People who love to travel across the globe they should visit the following eight European countries to enjoy the spectacular food and their culture.
Starting with the France one of the most developed countries in Europe. French are specialized in the Appetizers and Cheese. As French, consumes lot of cheese every year and almost 70% of French dishes contain cheese in it. When it comes to the appetizers no other can beat this country in that area because French appetizers are best like Rillettes & Tapenade. Other famous dishes of the France are Escargots & Truffles.
Spanish are the roast lover they love to eat roasted food and superb tapas. Either you are spending time in Madrid or Barcelona you will find Spanish food to be the best flavor and packed in good character. One of the most famous dishes of Spain is “Gazpacho” it looks like the paste of tomato because there are a lot of red color things in it. Another amazing delicacy of this country is “Tortilla Española” which is very simple to cook or maybe the simplest food of Spain. This contains only three basic things Egg, Potatoes and Onions nothing else.
Don’t leave Greece without trying “Taramasalata” the most famous Greece traditional food. As Greece is full of ancient history and covered with the Mediterranean Sea which makes it the perfect place to enjoy some of the quality food during holidays. The three things which are used more often in the Greece foods are Yogurt, Cucumber, and Garlic. Greece is known as the house of olives because they are cultivating olives for hundreds of years ago. It’s kind of their delicacy and they use olive in almost every food they cook.
This European country is known as “Kingdom of Pizza”. As this is the most delicious food ever made by Italians. Pizza lovers should visit Italy if they really want to try the world’s best Pizza. This is the delicacy of the country and it is a master in making the giant Pizza on special occasions.

German foods are rich in vitamin and they consume a lot of salad during their meals. Most of the German recipe are very easy to cook no extra complexity in them. That’s why this country is the simplest country when it comes to food. They may have simple food but their taste is brilliant and no other European country can match the kind of healthy food they make.
This European country has the most number of traditional food in its pocket and mostly country people love to eat Portuguese food. As they are the heartiest food and rich in vitamins also. Here they serve the king of all stew “COZIDO A PORTUGUESA” which is the delicacy of the Portuguese food and one of my favorite too. Nearly all the food served here contains rice, potatoes, and salad.
Turkish people are the meat lover. They cook meat all the time and have many delicious food recipes that contain meat in it. This country is best known for its masterpiece “Kebaps” as this dish is the meat coated with a skewer and grilled over a coal fire.
This country has some of the best vegetables dishes as just like the city is very clean its dishes are also simple and clean. So, if you ever visit Switzerland don’t leave the country without trying “Fondue” which is the delicacy of this country. As this country also rich in making soup one of the most famous is “Basel-style roasted flour soup”.


written by: kenydola